Thursday, January 1, 2009

Virgin Posting

Well this is my first post on my first blog. I have named my blog "Daily Doyledrums". This is not to be confued with the doldrums we all experience in life. I will use this blog to just record whatever I feel is worthy of sharing. I hope to share familly events, events of note from work, my love for Gator football, favorite wines etc. Anything and everything I can put a note or two together about is eligable for appearing here to be shared. Hopefully I do not bore too many along the way nor embarass myself for all to see. Well this is all for now. Dinner is at the critcal juntion of about to burn/ready to serve. TTFN


  1. I look forward to enjoying all the creativity that you decide to share on your blog.
    (Oh, and dinner was delicious, btw.)
    With all my love - Nina

  2. Love the picture! You should visit NC more often, look at all the great photos you get there! *wink*
    Keep the good posts coming!